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things are far easier now, with A.Gs, LC.s & p.c.s.
It was wonderful to see him again - quite apart from
his link with Oswestry & Gobowen - he is the first
person I have really talked to since January.

He was still in a peculiar set of borrowed
civilian clothes - or at least, they had been presented
to him by friendly natives. I met him in Tel
Aviv, - & we came back here & talked &
talked. Sunday we just spent quietly, & I had
work to do - & in the evening we made a
pretty big hole in a bottle of whisky. On Monday
I took him up to Jerusalem, where he had to
report, & I had some things I had to do.

And on Tuesday morning he went off to Cairo.
He has to report there, fit himself up again - &
then he is, I hope, coming back here, & we are
going off on 10 days leave together, & really see
& "do" Palestine, & Jerusalem. I called to see (the
Hon) Edwin Samuel, & told him our plans, & he
& his v. charming wife are going to organise our 3 days
there, which should be wonderful. As they are
both extraordinarily busy people, it is very kind of them.

After this, we are going to hire a car, & Ben is
coming with us & we shall go to as many places
as possible in the time. The great advantages of
Ben coming with us, are that he knows the
country, & he knows Arabic & the Arabs. Alone, we
should probably have little or nothing to do with
the Arabs, as so few of them speak English,

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