Letter from Harry Massey to Barbara Massey


Letter written by Harry Massey from the No. 6 Palestine company at the Bluffs to Barbara Massey.

This is a scanned version of the original image in Special Collections and Archives at Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vt.




Letter No 29 Saturday Capt J.H.Massey 29 Mar 41 6th Palestinian Coy The Bluffs Middle East Forces

My darling Barbara These cards have their uses after all. I started a letter to you last night, but felt so tired and dull that I had to stop - and did a little reading and went to bed. And I am going off this weekend, and so will not be able to finish the letter until Monday. I am looking forward to getting away today - I have been hard at it, slogging away, since Jan 10th - and do not seem to have relaxed once in all that time. I am going to visit some of the Jewish colonies, with Ben [Arji], which will be very interesting. It is an experiment which is apparently succeeding, and each colony is an almost self contained community. Anyway, I shall be seeing for myself and will be writing you and telling you all about it. Also I think, we shall be going through some fine country and scenery. Tiberiaus, the Sea of Gallilee, the Jordan Valley - and perhaps Nazareth. Your 15th letter arrived on Thursday, the one you wrote to me from Cambridge and when you were staying with Juliette. A lovely letter, thankyou, darling. It all reminded me very much of that day when we drove down there in the car, with the awful Gilbert - and I went on to Bocking and Lisa being so upset when you had to catch the train in such a hurry on Cambridge station. I expect you thought of it too. I have just got myself a dog, darling. I have been thinking about it for some time and of all the possible and probable disadvantages - and then your recent letter saying what a pity it was I had nothing to be fond of, this made up my mind. I tried to find one for nothing or else a 5/-, but they were all so dirty and scruffy. And so I went to a kennels on Thursday and bought a little thing of 5 weeks old - for £2-10-0. About it's breed, this is a bit difficult as it is Austrian, and I have gone and forgotten it, but I think, in English, it is a Pincher Terrier. Anyway, at this moment, it is tiny, and a browny grey colour, and has a short tail, and a big head, and big feet, and is very sweet. I think it looks rather like a Dandy puppy - but it will grow to be rather bigger than a Kerry Blue, and I think, not unlike one. They are said to be very intelligent and clever, faithful, and very strong and healthy.

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It is good company, already, and gives me somebody to talk to in my room, where I spend so much time alone. I have called him Peter - it is quite a pleasant name, and occured to me because on the same day King Peter of Jugo-Slavia took control of his country , against Hitler and so, I hope, shortened the war, and so brought you and I nearer to each other.

We now we have the Turks, Yugo-Slavs, and the Greeks on our side - the pick of the Balkan countries - so things are looking up. The summer here is just beginning, and the days are becoming warmer, the flies and mosquitos are coming out, and winter clothing is going away. In 2-3 weeks now it will be really hot. If only you were here to enjoy this peace and sunny weather. It does seem so wrong, that you should be in [bombed?] England and I am safe and sound in the Holy Land. All my love and kisses, darling heart, to you, and the baby if it is arrived. And if not, you know I am always thinking about you. Forever - Harry

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