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Letter No 29 Saturday Capt J.H.Massey
29 Mar 41 6th Palestinian Coy
The Bluffs
Middle East Forces

My darling Barbara
These cards have their
uses after all. I started a letter to you last
night, but felt so tired and dull that I
had to stop - and did a little reading and went
to bed. And I am going off this weekend,
and so will not be able to finish the letter
until Monday. I am looking forward to
getting away today - I have been hard
at it, slogging away, since Jan 10th - and do
not seem to have relaxed once in all
that time. I am going to visit some of
the Jewish colonies, with Ben [Arji], which
will be very interesting. It is an experiment
which is apparently succeeding, and each colony
is an almost self contained community.
Anyway, I shall be seeing for myself and
will be writing you and telling you all
about it. Also I think, we shall be going
through some fine country and scenery. Tiberiaus,
the Sea of Gallilee, the Jordan Valley - and
perhaps Nazareth.
Your 15th letter arrived on Thursday, the
one you wrote to me from Cambridge and
when you were staying with Juliette.
A lovely letter, thankyou, darling. It all
reminded me very much of that day
when we drove down there in the car, with
the awful Gilbert - and I went on to Bocking
and Lisa being so upset when you had to
catch the train in such a hurry on Cambridge
station. I expect you thought of it too.
I have just got myself a dog, darling.
I have been thinking about it for some
time and of all the possible and probable
disadvantages - and then your recent letter
saying what a pity it was I had
nothing to be fond of, this made up my
mind. I tried to find one for nothing
or else a 5/-, but they were all so
dirty and scruffy. And so I went to a
kennels on Thursday and bought a little
thing of 5 weeks old - for £2-10-0.
About it's breed, this is a bit difficult as it is
Austrian, and I have gone and forgotten it, but I
think, in English, it is a Pincher Terrier.
Anyway, at this moment, it is tiny, and a
browny grey colour, and has a short tail, and
a big head, and big feet, and is very sweet. I think
it looks rather like a Dandy puppy - but
it will grow to be rather bigger than
a Kerry Blue, and I think, not unlike one.
They are said to be very intelligent and
clever, faithful, and very strong and healthy.

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