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It is good company, already, and gives me
somebody to talk to in my room, where
I spend so much time alone. I have
called him Peter - it is quite a pleasant
name, and occured to me because on the
same day King Peter of Jugo-Slavia
took control of his country , against Hitler
and so, I hope, shortened the war, and so
brought you and I nearer to each other.

We now we have the Turks, Yugo-Slavs, and the
Greeks on our side - the pick of the
Balkan countries - so things are looking
The summer here is just beginning, and the
days are becoming warmer, the flies and
mosquitos are coming out, and winter
clothing is going away. In 2-3 weeks now
it will be really hot. If only you were
here to enjoy this peace and sunny
weather. It does seem so wrong, that
you should be in [bombed?] England and I
am safe and sound in the Holy Land.
All my love and kisses, darling heart,
to you, and the baby if it is arrived. And
if not, you know I am always thinking about
you. Forever - Harry

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