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Whether you liked the things or not. As Grannie would have
said. You are a funny lady sweetest. I spent so much time
in Cairo hunting round for presents for you. I was terribly
anxious to find something you would like. I was so
excited about these things, & I have been dying to know ever since
whether you liked them or not. On reading your 31st letter
again, it seems I may be misjudging you, my darling. This
letter says, that you are going to send me a cable to
clarify the letter position, & then you say "I must also
let you know tthe parcels have arrived". Well, your nos. 27
& 28 are still missing, & so perhaps you told me about
the parcels in one of these. And I feel these will
never arrive now because news was given out that some
mails about that time had been lost by enemy action

Sunday, June 22nd. I am up to the eyes in work again &
now at 10-30 on Sunday night is the first free minute
I have bad since I was interrupted when writing to
you on Friday. The main reason is that that blasted
little fool Thornton, one of my officers, has gone & really
put his foot in it, & will certainly be for a
court martial. I will tell you was about it in my
next letter - but last night I spent until 11-0 taking
a summary of evidence; 17 pages of foolscap; at night
have been writing to you. Today I have been to
see Col. [Lieuter?] - & also went to Tel Aviv &
got some stockings & one set of pants & petticoat
for you darling which I will send this week.
So I am first going to finish this off & send
you the photos. They are U. very as they are

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To me, it reads as though they both have a personal shorthand. The "&" is a true favorite.