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Darling Barbara

I got four letter this after noon & I
am now writing in the evening so I'm afraid this will
not be posted until the morning. I'm also afraid
it will have to be a hurried letter as I have
such a hell of a lot to do with this P.M.C. racket
& I have suddenly been told that this Court
Martial is to be on Thursday - & I have to get
my case all written out & typed out. I have been
in a complete flat spin ever since Friday when this
P.M.C. job was thrown at me. What it amounts to is
that food, comfort & everything to do with setting
up house for 32 officers in a new camp is my
complete responsibility. I went over to Oulton
Park on Saturday morning to see about the lay
out etc of all the tents. It is a lovely spot &
surrounded by very pretty Cheshire country. After
that I had to go all round the place seeing
about food & so on. I also went & had tea
with Vernon & then went over to see my
mother/ All this was on a motor cycle on
which I am now quite efficient. On the way
back I called in at the Swan to have a
beer & put my scarf on properly. I ran into
Betty & Frances Riley & a man there & stayed
& had dinner with them -which was very foolish
because I then had to ride back in the
dark which was hell. They were very sweet
about Lisa- & told me they had all cried
when they heard about her.

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