Letter from Harry Massey to Barbara Massey



Stoneleigh Monday

Darling Barbara

I got four letter this after noon & I am now writing in the evening so I'm afraid this will not be posted until the morning. I'm also afraid it will have to be a hurried letter as I have such a hell of a lot to do with this P.M.C. racket & I have suddenly been told that this Court Martial is to be on Thursday - & I have to get my case all written out & typed out. I have been in a complete flat spin ever since Friday when this P.M.C. job was thrown at me. What it amounts to is that food, comfort & everything to do with setting up house for 32 officers in a new camp is my complete responsibility. I went over to Oulton Park on Saturday morning to see about the lay out etc of all the tents. It is a lovely spot & surrounded by very pretty Cheshire country. After that I had to go all round the place seeing about food & so on. I also went & had tea with Vernon & then went over to see my mother/ All this was on a motor cycle on which I am now quite efficient. On the way back I called in at the Swan to have a beer & put my scarf on properly. I ran into Betty & Frances Riley & a man there & stayed & had dinner with them -which was very foolish because I then had to ride back in the dark which was hell. They were very sweet about Lisa- & told me they had all cried when they heard about her.


I am going over to Oultan Park again tomorrow morning & will call & arrange about the caravan. I'm afraid I had not seen properly into your feelings or points of view - & now that I have your letter everything is much more clear & I agree with you. Tomorrow I will also look for a farm as near as possible to where we shall be. You must be near a farm & especially so with so many troops about. And you must be near because I'm afraid we are going to be worked very hard- & whereas I shall be able to see you practically every night, there is no doubt we are going to finish late & start early & quite often it will be 9 & 10 when I get away.

I am so happy we are going to start a baby darling & I think it is very wonderful & brave of you. I hope the Epetan has worked alright, because I want the baby to be completely intentional. I feel that if we both will very hard that we may be given somebody like & near to Lisa. Don't you. And I am so glad that you are having your various bits of troubles cleared up. Let me know how it all goes on darling.

If you can come in a fortnight's time that will be lovely. This weekend I should be far too occupied & I should have realised that last night. My address after Saturday is 5th Btn The Cheshire Regt Oulton Park Little Budworth near Tarporley, Cheshire.

All other matters are being dealt with All my love & kisses Harry


[image: front of envelope, stamped & postmarked]

[postmark] Chester 1 PM 18 Apr 1940

Mrs H. Massey 2. Warren Fields Valencia Road Stanmare


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