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darling. I had your first letter 8 days ago - but your most
recent one, no 26, arrived on March 23rd - I really thought
that they were now going to come along regularly, & that
the old ones would arrive from time to time as extra
ones. In this worst of all possible existences, away from you,
that is the one thing which is lacking at the moment.
Otherwise , I am gradually getting my life organised. This
move into billets has been a good thing. I simply hated
the barracks - it was so noisy and jarring, and the mess was
so beastly, & expensive too. Now, we have pleasant, large,
solidly built stone houses, in a pleasant road, & in a
pleasant district of the town. The Mess is a fine, big house
about 200 yds away from the remainder of the company. It
has a large, but unkempt, garden, & is surrounded by tall,
kind of poplar trees. But I have my bedroom in the
Coy office building; it has one door into my office, and
another one out a small verandah, on the ground floor. I
have hot & cold water in the bedroom, & there is an
electrically heating bath too - & the usual offices. The
house has quite a sweet little garden, & lots of lovely flowers
& I now have fresh flowers in front of your photographs
every day. The pioneer has made Peter a run in the
garden, surrounded by wire netting, & I found a kennell
too - for some reason beautifully camouflagued. He makes
a bloody awful noise in it, most of the day, but I
dare not take him out, in case he gets the idea

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