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and something happy and exciting too. 32 was my age when I
left you - and the next one, 33 is my age now. And my
last one, 31, is your age now, though of course I realise
that your areo only 21 yerally. Whatever you are, you are
very wonderful, my sweetheart. As I sit here and think about
you, I marvel at you, my darling one. I think about you,
and shake my head and groan aloud, this being parted from
you is so agonising and tragic. You are so beautiful and
lovely, so young and so pretty, so smooth and so soft and
utterly gorgeous and sweet and adorable and desirable. Barbara
dearest darling, you are so satisfying to be with, so
fine to talk to, and so heavenly and wonderful to make
love to. I am perfectly certain that there is nobody
in all the world like you, so perfect and lovely - others
never will be. Age will never make any difference.
I shall always love yoyum passionately and deeply and with
all my heart and soul. I'm not just writing this
darling, because I think it will please you, or because
I think it time I made some endearments. I feel it
terribly stronly and with the utmoststrength and certainty
and I am trying hard to tell you.
Oh, I do long to be with you. I pray hard, every day of
my life here, that this may be soon. There is so
much happiness and joy and excitement and interest and contentment
and peace and quite and love - if only we could be together.
It is nearly 12-0 - and I will finish this tomorrow -
and try to make it a long one. I have much to
tell you again. Goodnight my sweetest love -

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