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I remember you so vividly - I love you so much xxxx.

Sunday 11 is now 9.30, which is my usual time for beginning
to write to you. I had intended to write all afternoon.
This major business is just making me busier, so far - which
I hardly thought was possible. But it certainly seems to be.
On Tuesday, there is to be a Jewish [seerwhiting] march, of
which I have to take command - and so lately I had to go
out and make all the arrangements. I will tell you all about
it after it has happened. And on Thursday, I have to be the
President of a Court Martial. My various experiences as
defending officer will be of help, of course - but I shall
have to swat up the procedure pretty hard - & the Manual
of Military law is a mystifying tome.

The whole root & branch of this trouble is having no
second in command - who, in these companies, does the work
of adjutant and quarter master. And so having these jobs piled
onto me, on top of a fairly difficult command, is all a
bit too much. But, as I think I told you - this should
be dealt with any day now. You remember me telling you
about the various officers? In February, when I was in
the process of getting rid of Behrens - I recommended
Headley for the job. And I now hear from the
Military Secretary that he is to be appointed. And
when this happens, it is going to cause gloom,
& anger amongst the other British subalterns -

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