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He said he had spent all the time with Gerald Ecclestone
(the man who is going to fly us home!) - the day time at
[Gejirah?] - & the evenings at varous cabarets - Gerald to
dance & Frank to drink. But that at midnight their
ways parted - Frank's to his own bed - and Gerald's to
some woman's. I do hope Frank gets through alright -
it seems his battablion is in a pretty crack Division. He
is one person I do want to see again - & I know
he will be a very good friend of ours after the war.
He sent me some snaps - from Tomlinson's camera. But I
only appear on one of them. But I am sending on also, the
one's of [Red?], as they will probably cheer up Marjorie.
Of the three outside the tent, the one on the left is one
of the bad type majors - Bob Gentles - the little man in
the middle is nobody.

This is Easter, darling - & it is also the Passover. And I
have observed the latter, but not the former, which must sound
very peculiar. But is came about in this way. Quite an
important Jew, a solicitor, who had been at our last Company
concert, telephoned Ben-Arzi, and invited him and myself to
their family Passover dinner party which, I think now, was
very kind indeed of him, because Passover to them is
much the same as Christmas to us. All the family was
there, & all the children, the youngest 4 years old, in her
party frock. We began the evening with Palestinian
Vermouth. And then sat down to table. It all started off
with a religious service. All the men wearing their hats.
some in just ordinary hats - some in those bloody Jewish

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