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skullcaps - & are in my tea cosy - or oily rag! The service is
read from a special book - I was provided with a translation - &
each person round the table, even the youngest, reads a
part in turn, & so on, round & round. And then there are
any number of bits of ritual. The paschal lamb & the
unleavened bread, & the bitter herbs, & hoseradish, & glasses
of wine. It is all very jolly, & not at all embarrassing.
The Passover is a celebration of the Jews escape from
Egypt - & I really cannot blame them celebrating it, at
all. About half way through their service business, dinner
takes place, which was very good. And, in addition, I
had Vodka, before the fish, & red & white wines from
Palastine [Palestine], & port, also from Palastine [Palestine], and very good
they were too. And then the service went on & finished.
It was all most intersting & enjoyable - and I really thought
it was kind of these people to invite us. The child of 4
made me feel unbearably sad. She was a girl, & 4 1/2, & really
rather sweet - & though she could not speak a word of
English, she attached herself to me. It was almost too much
for me. Lisa would have been such a lovely darling
now. It is not easy to think about, is it, darling?
I am praying that tomorrow - Monday - will reconstitute itself
as a lucky day for letters. I have felt so lonely and far away
from you these last few days - and I want a letter from you
so very much. Keep on writing, my sweetheart - your letters
mean everything to me - just everything. My life will
always be all yours, darling one - I am your slave, &
nothing without you. So you be careful too, what you
eat & drink, & keep well. And all my love to you
beloved sweetheart - & to the baby. Always your Harry xxxxx

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