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of all this, I had had some good times too.

I also had a letter from Vera - nothing much
new, just 6 pages of her usual amusing chat:
she told me Vernan was in love again - this time
an 18 year old - that she would write to me
once a month, which she thought was very nice
of her. It certainly is - I must send her an A.G.
And your no 53, Aug 4th came yesterday - so at last
I have got my wish of having a letter from you on
a Saturday. You enclosed the B.C & W.D. commission
statement - £18,990 profit, total commission of
£1,190 of which I get one quarter. Whatever
Willie & the others have been, it is really
a shame that after all my work & effort, I should
not receive the whole damn lot, except perhaps
for £100 each for Frost & Birchall. It is just
this sort of thing, not salary, which allows
one to get money in the bank & then invested,
& so be able to pay school bills & buy more
insurance, & aim for retirement at same time -
& in the present, to build up a lovely home, &
collect some treasures & allow you to have some
lovely clothes - silks & furs, nice luxurious & extravagant.
I hope we shall be able to have some good
years after I come home, that Willie will be
somewhere else. But we are saving something -
already we have paid almost ₣300 in insurance,
& now you have bought 60 shares of 300

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