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was loan - & there is no overdraft & we are still
saving fairly well. It is going to be exciting &
tremendous fun setting up house again - if only we can
find a house. And I do hope & pray that we can find
a district which we like & which answers both our purposes.
But I am perfect to state, categorically here & now
(& with no escape clause!) that your wishes are more
important than mine. Provided I can get in &
back from the works in reasonable time & comfort,
& without drawing any protest from Peter C - you
have the say: I quite agree with being towards Leeds -
but I imagine that so long as you are within
5-10 minutes walk of a bus & the bus will get
you into Leeds in 15-20 minutes, you will be
satisfied. But I must say I hanker after some
semblance of country - at least a garden with decent
soil & some trees & fields within sight. We shall
obviously have to take our time in looking around -
where the hell are we going to live in the meantime?
Maybe we shall be able to find rooms or
even a flat for a few months. It is really quite a
problem isn't it? Returning to my place of business
where I have been since Jan. 1934 & where we
have lived together since Dec 1935 - & we have no
place to go & no friends with whom to stay.
Except the Mitchells, which God forbid.

It has just been announced that ordinary Air mail
letter posted in the U.K. between certain dates in June
have been lost by enemy action, & I think that
will account for your no 45 which is a writing

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