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number. This sort of thing is sickening, though I suppose
one should not complain now that letters are coming
along fairly well & regularly. But quite apart from
not having one of your valued letters, there may
easily have been something quite important which
you wanted me to know, or to which you expect
a reply. I hope my missing ones turn up - it couldn't
possibly be a mistake in my numbering, because I
put each one down on my paper - date, number
& no of pages. No 19 was posted on 16 Feb from
Jericho - 8 pages - & was sea mail. No 21 was my
first L.C. No 22 was 8 pages & may have been
sea mail. No. 40 was 10 pages & was definitely
air mail. I will certainly buy you some
slippers my darling - I will try & get into Tel Aviv
this week & post them off at once & hope that
they will arrive in time for Xmas. I wish I
could too. Oh dear. The news is quite good these
days. I am tensely watching events.

Darling sweetheart, this letter of yours I have
just received was a very unhappy one, in spite
of you being so pleased about Max. In fact
you finished your letter by saying that it
seemed to you to be one long grouse & you
had told yourself about 16 times that you
supposed you must "stick it". Sweetheart, don't
call me unsympathetic because you know I'm far
from it & don't say that now you will
have to be careful of even what you write
to me - because you know that would be

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