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away from home & out here or even further away.
And you do love me darling - & you know that
I love & worship you. And that there is not the
faintest chance that I will ever touch or look
at a woman out here - because I think it
would be disgustingly unfair to you - because it
would spoil so much between us - & because I
do not want to. You are everybody & everything
to me & still would be if I were here for
ten years. And we have enough money even if
you cannot buy all the food you want.

Once again, I pray you do not think I am
being silly & smug & [?]. But I want to help
& I think you must agree I am giving you
good advice & counsel. Perhaps I am taking
it all too seriously & you were just having
a bad day & wanted to unload. And why
shouldn't you. But, on the other hand, you
did write all this to me & I don't think
or expect me not to react at all. And
so this is the way I am reacting. But
very sympathetically, please believe me darling
& not criticizing you for one moment.
You are beyond that from me & nobody
else has the right to do it. Don't go to
Nicolet's Antony at Bishop's Wortford darling

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