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You know them, Nicolette in particular, nearly drove
you crackers before & you were jolly glad to
leave. Or am I thinking of Eleanor. I believe
I am. Is it still too late to go to Vera's
town? It is so safe up there - Vera told me
in her letter how she wished you were there &
how sure she was you would enjoy being there
more than in the backwater of Noss Mayo. I feel
so afraid of anywhere at all within distance of
London & on the way to the Midlands.
Poor sweetheart Barbara - I am so sorry for you, you
know I am. I wish I could help more. I try
to do my best with my letters, but I'm afraid
they are not too cheerful. If only our sweet
darling Lisa could have been with you. She, the
sweet happy little soul would have been the one
to know your feelings & keep you company & go
everywhere with you. And with Max as well. You
would have just missed me together, & she would
have made all the difference in the world.
I shall be writing you a L.C. tomorrow which I
hope will arrive near her birthday.

I can hardly believe that Pattie is having
a baby - though i think she will make a very
good mother. Will she have any milk at all
for the child? She has no bos [bosom?] at all
or does a bos suddenly appear on such

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