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occasions & go away again afterwards: I suppose
Jas is still hiding behind 1/2 dozen cows. It
will all be the same after the war I expect,
but if I was Jas, I should prefer to have
gone along with everybody else. Someone like fat
old Birchall is doing a lot of work but Jos'
few cows could be looked after by the man
across the road.

I must finish on the page & go to bed.
P.T. at 6.45 in the morning & right on
until 7.15. This for 3 months. They
should all be soldiers at the end of this. And
by then I am hoping the war will be over.

Yes, Peter is a Schnauzer. He is in tremendous
form & loves being here & away from barracks.
He was very worried on the move & stuck to
me like a limpet - he knew something was
going on with all the packing. It will be
very sad if I cannot bring him home.

Goodnight sweetest darling - please be happier.
I shall work with all my might, when I come
home, to compensate for all this misery.
And I will succeed. All my love & all
my dearest loving kisses & hugs & bites &
licks & squeezes & all of me. For ever

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