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7. clever & able chap he was too. But I could not trust or rely upon him - & he continued to be a slippery customer in spite of warnings from me. And so I shovelled him off last week & made a present of him to Col Leicester who wanted an office accountant. And so I have now changed Lubitsch over onto the Q side & he is shaping very well. To take his place, I have my eye on a L/Cpl John [bowing?]. who is a M.A. & quite a pleasant bloke. He has rather a pretty wife. who crashed in on me in highly irregular fashion some months ago, to beg leave for her husband. She asked me if I did not think him quite the best man in my Coy, & being rather peeved at being crashed in on, I said no certainly not - at which she burst into tears.

I'm feeling a little better than I did when I began this evening - thank goodness. Though I don't know why. I think writing to you clears my train & takes away all my cares & worries of being away from you - until after a page or two, & I begin to feel in touch with you again. I think probably this feeling in touch has a great deal to do with my whole outlook. Earlier this evening, I felt so hopelessly & helplessly far away & cut off. The sandflies are out this evening - & so I have a moon tiger burning on my table - & I am smoking Camel cigarettes. All these little things help - Also

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