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2. know at once. As you can imagine, I was relieved & delighted, & once again we have the possibilities of a very good & interesting friend after the war. I hope he gets into a reasonable P.O.W camp & is adequately fed.

I have had a tremendous day in Tel-Aviv today - shopping for you & for the Coy & arranging the Coy accounts & my own with the Bank. I have bought you a pair of slippers which I hope may arrive near to Christmas time. I went to shop after shop, but could not find anything really pretty or exciting - they were all rather trashy & junky & merely gaudy. I eventually found a higher class kind of place, & a pleasant little pair of dark blue slippers, with a white line running around - those solid heels which you like, & no back to them, & the usual (sort of) hole in the front through which your big toe pops. They are really quite pleasant & probably comfy - & I hope very much you will like them. And they cost 9/- which is not so killing. But I am still sorry I could not find some thing really lovely. And they should more or less go with the Cairo dressing gown. I think I will enclose in the same parcel the remaining three pairs of stocking which are 9 1/2 I am glad to say - & then it will be a little more of a parcel, even if you do have to pay some duty darling. And at last I have found some dried fruits - 2 1/2 lbs each of prunes & dried apricots - which I pray will arrive in

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Pages 1 and 2 mention Frank Macaskie in WW2.