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more than anything else, she was our darling child and
that is how we shall always think of her.

April 22nd. I felt so terribly sad after witing this last
night, that I just could not go on, but just sat
and thought and thought about Lisa and about you, and about all
the happiness we have had, and what might have been if
things had not gone so tragically wrong, and just could
not write any more.

Today has been the most incredible day for me. Your
29th letter arrived - and also your postcard, posted on
April 12th! 10 days to reach me - I just cannot
understand it at all. You had only put a 3d stamp
on, so is this some new system or service, or is it
an amazing fluke, or is this going to be a regular
thing? It is really incredible - you must have
recevied my cable about being a major, the day after I
sent it - and now your postcard back so soon. I immediately
felt much nearer home again - 6 -7 weeks is a such a
very long time and makes me feel so far away from you.
But this is quite differnt. Oh, I do hope it keeps up.
I thought you would be pleased about the major business,
and it is lovely to hear you say that you are proud of
me. That is the one big reason that I am so
bucked about it - especially after you had given me
direct instructions to hurry up and be one as soon as
possible. And I don't epect you really thought, at the
time, that it might be so soon.

And then you just mentioned in your post card about

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