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that I shall be able to maintain a decent standard of
looks and health and agility for a long time to come, and
that you will always be able to love me.
And you said in your letter darling, that you hoped that
I believe implicitly in your love for me, otherwise you
would be hurt, because it would mean you had not proven
it by your actions as a wife. That was very sweetly
put, my darling (you do write wonderful letters), and gave me
a tremendous thrill to read. I do believe it, darling -
and thiat is why I always want to hear it from your,
because i know you meain it and that it is real.
It is the most wonderful thing in the world to
me out here, to know that you love me truly,
and that my love is important and even essential to
you. That you love me, is everything in the world
to me - and if you were ever to stop loving me or
wanting my love, or if anything were ever to happen
to you - it would be the end of everything for me,
and I could not and wouldnot want to go on
living. And as for being a good wife, you have
been and you are so wonderful, that I could not
write about it, really I could not - if only I could
tell you, and if only I had told you more when
we were togheter. It gives me terrific confidence
in myself, when I think that it is you who
loves me. You don't even need to have to
cook, darling!
I must go to bed now - so I will finish this

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