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tomorrow. Goodnight sweetheart darling. All of my dearest
deepest, fondest most passionate love and kisses. Harry.

April 23rd: Another p.c. arrived today from April 4th - and you tell
me it is a new system- and it seems to be working quite
well. And also one from my ma too, in which she did not
say very much, except that everyone was well. You sounded
very fed up and down in the mouth - poor sweetheart, it is
a damn shame - but since then you have lined up the
house in S. Devon, I hope, and my letters will have started
again and stopped you feeling cut off.
And you tell me the amount of hte commission, too.
[L] 160 - how marvellous, darling, how truly wonderful. The
old firm of {D. North & Co Ltd] must have been doing
pretty well - that shoulds like about [L]15,000 profit in
the year. How hateful to think that McCallum will
get it too, the little rat - but perhaps it will be as
well if he is able to save a bit, and then he will
be able to retire when I return. He must dread
the day twhen the ware ends and I come back
again, and chase him away next door again, and give him
respberries twice a day. Poor little bastard.
As you say, darling, what with this and the majority,
we do seem to be pretty opulent. And as we both agree
about not spending it now, we should be in the
most unusal position, when we set up house again,
of being able to buy things for it, and have it as
we want it. That should be the overdraft finally
dealt with, darling - what with our economies of the last few
months + commission + major's pay - and still pay your

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