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Doctor and Nursing Home fees quite comfortably. I'm sure you
must be relieved, darling - it is a damn shame that you
have had to worry about money at all. I think you
should write to Foron now, and tell him to recover
fromt he Bank all the odd and ends of security which
I gave hiem to cover the overdraft - insurance policies,
but not the British and Dominion Film shares, which
I presume to be even more worthless than ever.
I must write Peter a nice letter too. I'm glad you
have done - ahe will be pleased to have a letter from
you. I Hope they paid Birchall and Frost something
extra as well - there can be no doubt that they
are running the show.
I have been up to the eyes in accounts today, as I had
to do the first quarterly audit of this Coy's accounts. As I
have had no second in command, I have had
to all the accounts myself - and so as C.O., I
had to detail an Audit Board to audit them, and as the
President had to be not below the rank of Captain,
and I have no captains, I had to details myself as
President. A bit comic, really. Everything was in
perfect order - and fortunately, I had a visit from an
officer of the Royal Army Pay Corps today - and he put
me right on matters of procedure etc. But I feel,
in a bit of a spin with figures now, and am glad
it is all over and quite satisfactory.

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