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more influence & safety in that region thats ap=
pearing in the character of Hakeensor Doctor.
It might mable him to do something at
heart to have so much skill in practice that
if you should happen to be called for by a
Pasha or man of rank you would be able to
answer his expectations. There are a few disorders
in this countries with the nature a treatment
of which some particular knowledge would be
desirable. The first is the Plague. It may be
well to have what you can respecting it x other
disorders that reremble it as yellow fever &.
The small Pox often prevails in Turkey. The
knowledge of this disorder & the mode of treating
it woul as well as the methods of preventions would
be desirable. Disorders of the liver & bordels are
very common & often fatal, especially to For=
=eigners. In Egypt, where you may possibly
have occasions sometimes to go, the Oph=
=thalmia is very frequent. In this country
more probably than in any other on carth
would a Physician be employed in business
that concernd directly or indirectly the
propagation of the human race. Should
you spend some tie here or at Smyrna
as probably you will before going o Syria
you will have opportunity to improve your
knowledge of medicine & to learn something
of the diseases of these countries

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