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It would no doubt be better to come
into the Mediterranean in the autumn than
in the spring or summer, There is however
no seriuos objection against coming at
any season. Merchants and travellers come
& go wherever they have occasion without
regard to the seasons of the year. At Smyrna
particularly you will become acquainted with
several families who are rich, fashionable
& gay & friend of amusement & pleasure, who
will be very friendly to you. In your intercourse
with them you will perhaps
have occasion to remember
Gal. 2.2. At this place you
will find some just such
society as your soul loves,
but you must not expect
it elsewhere until God shall
be pleased to pour out his spirit on went
on which all our hopes of usefulnes de=
=pend, an went for which we cannot pray
too often or too earnestly.-
I need not tell you, my dear Br., what are
the qualifications that a Missionary needs,
but it is never amiss to remind each other
of them. We need piety, faith, & benevolence,
firmness, & humility, seal, & prudence, activity
& diligence, perserverance & discretions, a pure
heart, spiritual views, a spirit of self-denial & con=
=stant love to God & man. May we be fur=
=nished more & more for the work before us.

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