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8. Confession to Priests & Absolution by the Priests.

9. Is baptism regeneration? What says the Bible?
What said the Fathers? The oriental Christians
I believe generally if not universally say yes.

10. Is there any criminality in making
the sign of the cross?

11. Is it best to wage war with these churches
or endeavour to keep on good terms with
them? Is it best generally to introduce the
above topics in conversation with them, or
rather lead them to read the Bible, urge
[home?] on their hearts & consciences the
doctrines & duties which they admit &c?

II. The Jews.
1. Examine Gen. 49.10. Can it be rendered
"The Sceptre &c. shall not depart forever,
for Shiloh shall come"? How did the Jew's
interpret it before Christ came?

2. Examine Daniel 9.23-27.

3. Ira. 9.6. Will it do to render it "The Counsellor,
the Mighty God shall call him the Father
of the Age, the Prince of Peace?

4. The Jews say the O. Test. predicts a Messiah,
who was to be a man, nothing more. Is
there any palpable, irresistible proof of the
Messiah's Divinity in the O. Test?

5. Are the prophecies of the O. T. fulfilled in
the N? Examine carefully Isa. 5.3. To whom
does it apply? What does "my servant" mean in Isaiah?

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