Letter from Hiram Stevens, dated 1863-09-28


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East Farnham 28 of 9th mo 1863.

Esteemed friends & Cousins

A very exceptable letter from aunt Rachel by the way of M. B. [Jewell?} is now before me, it appears that you have heard of the decease of our daughter Sarah, R. - also of the illness of the other Children, and we acknowlege with thankfulness the sympathy expressed on our behalf. Realising as no doubt you do the fatality of the disorder (diphtheria) your minds are some what prepaired to learn that our other two daughters are also no more with us. The place which once knew them know nows them no more for ever. Sarah died fith day evening at 11 oclock 20 of 8 mo. the funeral seventh day at 1, oclock P.m. Paulina died the [underline]next[/underline] [strikeout]fifth[/strikeout] [underline]day[/underline], the 28th between 3 & 4 oclock P.m. & [strikeout]buried[/strikeout] the funeral at 11 on first day, Malene died on fifth day the 3rd of 9 mo between 3 & 4 oclock Pm, funeral on seventh day at 11, A.m

Thus have we drank at the cup of affliction and can say,

Their are sad partings On this Earthly shoar But thanks to the father They'l all soon be o're

We have had the Cympathy & kind attention of our friends & neighbours for which we feel truly thankful. Rachel has bourn it beyond the most sanguine exspectation of her friends, I trust we

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have sought for & recived a portion of that power which alone can support the afflicted mind, I cannot write much at this time. You can immain our feelings & our lonely hours better then I can discribe them this evening.

We should be glad to see any of you here that should think enough of us to come, And will not Aunt Mary call here on her way home. Oh how I want to see her.

In love to all I remain your friend & Cousin

Hiram Stevens


Rachel & I attended yr meeting & caried Malene with us. We had a pleasant journey & a good meeting saw Jonathan Hill & wife they were well When we rturned we found our aged parents & little ons all well & they rem-ained so two days, we felt thankful they were not taken while we were gone.

WE have ever felt glad that we took her with us as she never had been before.

Our friends are in usual health.

Kezia, Rachel, & myself have had a tuch of the diptheria which easely yielded to application, some other cases & a few deaths in the viciinity


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