Letter from Lucy M. Dean, dated 1864-06-11


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morning, Charles [J?] Coffin an elderly friend occupied the first part of the meeting, he addressed the young men and boys very feelings, principally in regard to obedience to their parents, and obedience to magistrates, enlarging on the subject which seemd very suitable to the present state of feeling of many of us in regard to our country at the present time. The President and those in authority were often remembered in the many petitions to the Throne of Grace that they might be endowed with wisdom and a spirit of discernment to rightly direct the affairs of the nation now in this [trying?] hour, also were many prayers raised for the poor soldiers on the tented [field?] and in the hospitals, and for the poor afflicted mourning ones at home that they might be comforted.

Elizabeth Comstock gave us many interesting particulars of her visits to the freed mens camps, and the soldiers hospitals, which was particularly interesting to me as she was one of my old school fellows while in England her maiden name was Rouse I think she has been twice married She seems to be doing much good in many ways. Those will please escuse this very imperfect sketch, but in the ab sense of a better one it may give thee a [fairer?] idea of what took place. Sister Eliza [Staples?] is now with us, we met her in NY she will probably stay a part of the summer with us. [page break]

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Charles F. Coffin, from Main, David Hunt Ioa Deborah H Thomas Baltimore Hannah Arnot Ohio Sarah M Hiat lately from Minneapolis Min Sarah Ann Linton Ohio Elizabeth Page N England Francess Jenkins Ohio Cornelius Duplass Ohio Aron L [Bennidic?] Ohio Enos G Pray

I think many of them were very much favored to speek to our several conditions, indeed some days there was but little business done, as so many had a word of exhortation or encouragement.

On seventh day afternoon the men and women met together to hear read the doings of the representative meeting the accounts given of what had been done for the freed men was very long and very interesting, this and the labors of the committe in visiting the President

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and others in authority in Washington memoralizing congress in behalf of our friends that have been drafted and that are liable to be, have rendered their labors for the past year very laborious, we understood that one friend paid $1000. in traveling expenses, the sitting lasted until it became so dark that they were unable to see to read and the remainder was left until another time.

The first day school conference met on 6 day it was largely attended, it was exceedingly interesting to hear the reports from many of the Q Meetings. There seems to be a growing interest in the cause, which I was glad to see although we are doing so little in our own neighborhood, not being able to get through with the business it adjourned until the next eve a [report?] of which I suppose we shall have in due time.

The public meetings on first day were much crowded particularly in the

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