Letter from Mary, dated 1864-07-31


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not to be in a hurrey to return I seem to want you to contrive it so that if you feel like spending; I would say the winter with us if I was not a fraid it would frighten thee, but just think of it & see if it would not be pleasant [underline]if evry thing was pleasant[/underline] for us to seem to live togather a spell in our old age.

5th day morn last eve just as I had penned the above Andrew came with the milk cans. I arose to take them he handed me a letter from Sister Rachel precious afflicted Sister. what can I say to her it is useless for me to try to say any thing. I trust she has heretifore received strength from that never failing [arm?] of power which is always reddy to support his dependant children & does oft times "Say to each [underline]murmur peace be still[/underline], What ere [underline]I[/underline] do is best" my love again & again to her & evry branch of the afflicted & berieved. D. T. & Abigail W. Pleas keep us posted where you are & when you will be at our Angola station & we will try to meet you thy sister Mary

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Pontiac 7 mo 31, 64

Dear sister

Once more I take my pen to address thee, & should like to know what the prospect is for me to have a chance to converse with thee (& thy dear George) fact to face. We have not commenced fixing our house, have only got some materials on hand nor do I think we shall this season help is so hard to be got we have no one at work for us at present. William & Joshua helped Andrew through heying & expect they will through harvisting. We have 14 cowes which M D. & J. milk & have it made up at C. S[?] Hunting factory. Andrew & Mary D went to yearly Meeting attended yearly meeting put up at Eleazer

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Ourself had a very pleasant time every way; since that time E's wife & Fra Carpenter son of James C's is wife & daughter & E's Elizabeth [Cervis] have been oute here, attended Flambourg Quarterly mee ting & visited all round, starte for home yesterday morning. I trust they as well as we shall long reme mber the happy hours we have spend together, how often did I wish thee could ben here & seen them Elizabeth is pleasant & cheerful the same cold woman that she was when a girl. Nicholas is not living. We are having the greatest drouth, that was ever known in this country, & the wether very oppressive the thermometer stood today at 3 o'clock 112.

Our children & families are in usual health considering the severity of the wether. Laura has had a very bad time with soar throat did not have her

[Right side of Page] clothes on for more than a weeke the doctor pronounced it dyptheria. They have to [Perchford] hope she has recovered from her feeble state of health, no doubt but her precious children will do every thing for her they can, ow much longer has Wm got to stay in the army, I am glad he appeared so much like himself when at home, poor child he has suffered much, & his friend have in minde suffered much for him & that he may be one of the number whic are permited to return in safety to the bosom of his frien ds; Oh dear me when will this cruel war end. [4 day] ere Paulina if thee & George are conversing about visiting us, just let me put in a word now make your calculations so as

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