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good for he got a certain lawyer in this place
to write it for him. There was about [50?] dolls.
donated and as much as Mrs. Robinson had
by twenty dollars. Well, yesterday Smith [Lukas?]
came down after [?] and I. Mr. and Mrs.
Blanchard, Mr. and Mrs. Chandler, and Pierce
went also. We had a very, very fine time, and
all the good things to [?] that could be thought
of, music and so forth. Had a very good visit
with Smith, it seemed quite like old times.
Think Pierce is near perfection however, perhaps
I have written that he has taken [deleted]her[/deleted] Flora's
school, as her health failed, and she was
obliged to leave it. Uncle Samel asked me
if I would finish it. I told him I would
not. Flo is at home. Perhaps she may
be the [Ornamental?] Department in the
Spring, as Mrs Downer thinks [Thee?] shall not
return. We hear she is courting [?] [Killop?]
this winter. There will be a [S?] the
last Friday ever in the Term. I suppose hope
we shall have a nice time. Emily is dreading
[?] to Burlington, she sends her love to thee

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and wants thee to be sure to visit her, as
soon as thee arrives there. I like her very
much. She is a good little soul, as ever
ran the [streets?] of Morrisville. The first [?]
I was here I did not like her at all, suppose
it was because I did not get aquainted
with her. Leola and Sue were my intimate
friends then, now they are seen hardly
over a month, and I do not care for
them any more than for pretty girls
enough but little to them. Sue was at
Church to day the first since this Winter.
Mr. Blanchard read Sermon, a very
beautiful one about marriage. Mr. Parker
of Stowe will preach this evening. do not
know whether they will let him have
the church or not. Mr. Blanchard
went to Burlington [two?] days. [?]
[mounted?] the Rostrum [Rostrorm?]
I have finished mythology and the
two first Books of Roman History,
am in hopes to finish the History, but [?]
B says it will be "very smart reading to

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