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Thomas's eyes are about as well as usual
he uses the team almost every day - has
drawed a good deal of wood to the village
& got a fine pile at the door - Jamie
went back 4th day - he thinks the school
at Morrisville will fail up if McIllup
has the charge -- Fanny's going back, keeps
it along this spring - Thomas
has hired Horace Steward for six months.

Orlana I expect is stopping
at John Willard's - nursing the little
son - now about a week old -

Willard, the Editor of the Free-
man delivered the twelfth lecture last
evening - they have been well sustained
and have passed off very satisfactorily
I should think - I have not heard
any since I went to [F.?] which I regret -

We are very much blocked up with
snow & it still keeps coming & blowing.

My health has returned to about
the usual standard - Charley's hu-
mor troubles him more than common
this winter - he is about as tall as James
but not near as [underline]wide[/underline] & [underline]thick[/underline]-

Melissa is back at Horaces - Farewell
my dear boy - let us hear from thee
often - Thy mother

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East Montpelier 28th of 2nd mo.

My dear Willie

Thy cheerful letter, enclo-
sing ten dollars, arrived last evening - I
presume that before this time thee has
got mine acknowledging the receipt
of the other - which I there told thee
came the day I sent the one which thee
has just answered - I think we are
much favoured in having our letters
transmittted with so much regularity.
Am sorry to hear that Henry is unwell,
hope he is not homesick - as I suppose he
could not get away, any better than if he
was an African slave - [underline]they[/underline] seem to
be riding off in great style in Mo.
I see by the papers - our yesterday's Boston
Journal says that there is talk of an im-
mediate truce - I hope not with Slavery.
If any thing has been achieved by this awful

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