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Morias 10 mnth 19 186{2?]

To R.S.

Dear Aunt

It is oft that my mind has
responded to thy very welcome letter received some
time ago tho never have I till now felt draw to
place thoughts in black and white for thy perusal
in answer there unto now can I derive any thing to write
before it comes or all most find] I feel trully
destitute of any thing to say yea all most as bearn (or
at timess) as a branch plucked from the vine and
withered away. But alas whilst I thus feel I have
taken pen in hand for to commune with the [thee] ah would
it be any thing strange should my comunication be
uninteresting to the [thee] I judge not by my one feelings
neverless I still leave my mark upon papers than
made some enquiries in thy last to which I in sport
replie ast to my self I am about as usual except a
bad coal I still make it my home at [J. S. ?] where
as far as I know shall for time to come. [Tho?] I drift
to and from in the land (at times) have at diferent times
spent a part of or a week or more at [Queensfenal?], as
diffeent scenes forsent to view. Our last quarterly Meeting
was largely atended David H Bennet [Seusx?] Bechel +
others from a distance. [&?] He has spent some times in
these parts since during which time I did not find

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