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even labor to save those
lives, they are so unwill-
ing to destroy, and will
do no duty whatever.
This only leaves the Officer
to prefer charges and let
them have a trial by a
General Court Martial, &
the only verdict such a
Court can render will be
death. In this case, after
what has occurred, I [fear?]
that the [underline]meeting[/underline], which ad-
vised to cease doing duty in
the Hospital, where their
[underline]own feelings allowed[/underline] them
to do it, and where they
could have really done good,
instead of evil, will be, in
part, responsible, for their
blood, if it is shed, which
I hope will not happen; if
they thus suffer, another than I
must judge their advisers, & [underline]no, all[/underline],

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Assistant Quarter Master's Office,
Head Quarters 2d Div., 6th Corps,

October 3d 1863.

My dear Mother:

Thy kind let-
ler, by Horace, is to be seen
to yet, and, I hope to do it
to-night. How are you
all, at home? Every-thing
you sent came safely and
is nice. The Cheese is a
first rate one and the oth-
er things, are such as I
should have got, for my-
self, had I the opportunity.
I wanted a regular Valise
instead of a Satchel but it
is as well, I guess, so as
it concerns me mostly and
I am suited, it is well.
The Drawers are as good for
me hear as dearer ones

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