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which was a work of [underline]time[/underline] be called
business. My place as Sergeant is
retained in the Company yet, but until
I am exchanged I cannot tell of my
detail at Hd. Qrs. though I think Cap.
Galt, if he returns to duty will wish
for me again. I have a foolish Idea
that I am [underline]rather[/underline] necessary to him, in
his business. Night before last was as
severe a night as I have seen for three
years and the four inches of snow
which fell there is with us yet tho'
to-day's sun makes it [?] some.
From thy tell, the old neighborhood
is all broken up, from what it was
when I left it "So [mote?] it be" I suppose.
I may as [underline]well[/underline] say: by thy accounts
wages are high, as well as other things.
Tim. is welcome to be a Prisoner of War
as soon as he chooses to be, though my
experience there would induce me
to "Flock to his rescue" as soon as I
could raise force enough to do so with
any prospect of success.

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