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I need write no more of the semi-
barbarities threatened by those who were
in power over us in Richmond. If I
come home ever, I can tell some things
of which I should not wish to even
[underline]hint[/underline] in writing. I got the draft which
Thomas so kindly sent me and find
the funds, it procured for me, very a-
greeable, and useful; for the Box and
its contents, I shall Thank you all
when I receive it; till then, will not
attempt. My appetitie is very good &
I do not fear to gratify it as what I
eat has [?] desired effect, viz. appeases
hunger, and increases my flesh & strength
and has no bad effect. My Valise
need not be sent to me, as I have no
need of the things in it at present.
I had sent to the Div. for the things,
because I thought if they were there,
I would prefer to have them when
I could use and care for them.
I was Ironical when I spoke or wrote
of being so busy here, unless eating, which
[underline]was[/underline] a [underline]weighty[/underline] employment and sleeping

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