Letter from Wm. Dean, dated 1864-04-23


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[seal impressions: image of elk?]

[left page] But he was so far gone that he was not able to acomplish it, so here we may see the necessity of doing such business in times of health. I do not know when his funeral is to take place.

Friends here are getting up another subscription for to assist in Clothing and Educating the colored Refugees have already got $43, subscribed - to be forward to our ensuing yearly meeting. [If?] should any of you feel like adding to it it might be sent by mail to Rufus Hazard who is one of the [Quarterly?] meetings committy

from thy friend [signed]William Dean[/signed] [/left page]

[right page] North Ferrisburgh 4 M 23 1864

Much Respected Friend R. Stevens

We were very glad to have a letter from thee it is wonderful that William has survived such hardships, it has been very sickly here the children have thevcanker and rash two died here last week Sarah Hazard has been very sick is now little better fourth day they all thought she could not live she could not breath it is her heart difficulty she thought she should not live felt very much resigned Sylvia Beach health is very poor. Dr thinks she wil get along if she wont work she says that is hard to keep house and not work we went to see Sister Rachel yesterday in her new house it is very nice her health is better Arthur is with her at presant

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[impressed seal: image elk?]

[left page] Thee did not say any thing in thy letter about coming to monthly quartly and yearly meetings. I hope thee will come if thy health permits.

Senica Hazard is working for Rufus. Lydia Hazard has come home her health is poor. Esthers babe is better but, not well the girls think enough of it I believe the rest of our friends are all well. First day, I have just been to Rufuss. Sarah is better the Dr. thinks if she is verry carful she may get up but not well. she days give my love to Rachel. if she comes this spring to come here as usuas it hurts her to talk much as she gets better she will get better of that. Lydia Hazard was to meeting to day she is poor she is verry [sober?]. Sarah thinks it is trouble of mind poor girl she is to be pitied. with much love I remain thy friend S. Dean I would like to be remembered to Thomas and wife & Mary

[in left margin:] please write again when thee feel like it

[/left page] [right page]

4th [unclear]?[/unclear] 24

As Sylvia has not filled her sheet [strikeout]I thought[/strikeout] I thought I would write a few lines to thee. thy account of thy aunt Betsee Grays Death and funeral was very [unclear]?[/unclear] to me. I have long felt as though were it my case I should much rather my boddy would to consigned to the grave after a time of sollum silent waitting than to have all the forms and cermonies used by other people on such occasions - Francis [unclear]Barken[/unclear] died yesterdy morning about 2 oclock. his complaint I understand was congestion of the lungs the disease was so rappid and severe that he made no legal distribution of his property. it appears that it was his intention to have given it to a niece of his and to David [unclear]Darthy[/unclear] wife who was a girl that they brought up - and sent for anon to write his will. [/right page]

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