Status: Complete

County: Cooper

Year: 1822

Last Name First Name Middle Name Suffix Township Range City Notes
Chambers Benjm.
Conerly Daniel 48 16
Drinkwater Robt.
Dewitt Larkin
Dawson Robt. D. 48 15
Dillard Joseph
Dunn Michael 47 18
Dunn Kyron
Dellis Joshua
Donelson James
Decons William
Dillard James 48 16
Davis James
Davis Joseph L. 49 17
Dillard William
Dugan Daniel 47 17
Davis John 49 17
Deckard James 47 18
Drinkwater Manuel 47 16
Dickson Josiah Sr. 48 16
Dickson Josiah Sr 47 16
Dickson Robt.
Dickson Josiah
Dickson John

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