Status: Complete

County: Cooper

Year: 1822

Last Name First Name Middle Name Suffix Township Range City Notes
Morreson Nathaniel
Maysback Charles
McCoy Robt. 48 15
Mullins Ahab
McClenchan Joshua 47 15
Mullens William
Mulens Abner
McClenchan Job 47 15
Miller John 48 16
McClenchan Absalem 47 15
McClenchan Lacy
Murphey Joseph 48 16
Murphey Davis 48 16
McClain Andrew
McClenchan Adam
Millsaps Jonathan
Marsh Ephraim
Miller Joseph H.
McCarty James Sr. 48 17
McCarty Nicholas 48 17
McCarty James Jr. 48 17
Mines John
Miller James
Miller William
McGee David 49 19

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