Status: Complete

County: Cooper

Year: 1822

Last Name First Name Middle Name Suffix Township Range City Notes
Ross John 47 15
Ross John 47 16
Rain Thomas
Randolph Eligah 47 15
Robertson Wm.
Robertson Chas. 47 16
Robertson James
Robinson Andrew 47 16
Robinson John
Reavis James 46 16
Reavis Samuel D. 46 16 for Corben West
Reavis Andrew A. 46 16
Reavis David 46 16
Smalwood Russell
Scott James
Scott Adam
Sherley Frederick
Shelton Nelson
Smith Reuben
Stephens Jacob B.
Steel Numon
Sumrell Dimps
Stone William
Stone John
Steel William
Smiley James 47 19
Small Henry 47 19

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