Status: Complete

County: Cooper

Year: 1822

Last Name First Name Middle Name Suffix Township Range City Notes
Moss 49 18 & Hickmon
Hickmon & Moss
Nowlin Peyton 49 19
Patterson 49 19
Ramsey Andrew 48 18
Adams Wm. M. by P. R. Hayden
Adams John 49 17 by P. R. Hayden
Alexander James
Andrews Joseph
Burnett George
Langley Moses by John Langley
Norton John 49 17 by R. P. Clark
Olive 48 16 Widow; by E. Marsh
Parmer Charles by Wm. Bartlett
Smith Joseph 49 16 by Fr. Coner
Tompkins George 48 16
Tucker Benjamin 48 16
Thornton John by R. P. Clark
Whiting Jason 47 18 by P. R. Hayden
Gelmon Mary 49 17
Gelmon Mary
Sampson 48 16

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Joni Wilson

"A List of Tax due from Nonresidents in the County of Cooper for the Year 1822"