Status: Complete

County: Montgomery

Year: 1820

Last Name First Name Middle Name Suffix Township Range City Notes
Rounsaridle Josiah
Reed Gifford D.
Shobe Rudolph
Stone John
Smith Thomas
Sally Henry
Sally Moses
Smith Scudder
Smith David
Smith Darlin
Stagsdale Joshua
Stricklin Seth
Sutton Jeffry
Sutton Ezra
Sharp Jacob L. 82 Town Lotts
Summers Moses
Stephenson James
Steward John
Starkes Job
Spires Granberry
Sipes Jacob
Snethen John
Srum John
Summers Jessee
Smith Jonathan
Sharp James F.
Sharp Benjamin 240 Town Lotts
Setton Jeffry
Setten Ezra
Smith Reason H.
Smith William

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