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March 1916

6 Monday

Very warm day. On Q.M
Fatigue. Saw Field Bakery.
[?s] out beautiful breads
22,000 loaves a day. In afternoon
saw Sherring on Artillery cart.
Passed Sandford and saw another
Liverpool friend who is now in Art.
Art going to form howitzer battery
Troops moving by a fortnights time

7 Tuesday

Hot day. On Cooks fatigue
carrying water Measured for
helmets, drill coats, short pants
and puttees Capt North & Capt
Donald taken from us thus
spoiling the unit.

8 Wednesday

Visited Ismailia to get Red Cross
Cases & money. Huge Camp there
larger than Tel-el-Kebir. Seven
Aeroplanes up Everything prepared
for departure to France in few days
time. Saw RHA enroute for France
Passed Gen Birdwood's House. Warships
Monitors & French ships on lake at
Ismailia. This is a very pretty
town. Train guard told me history
of Tel-el-Kebir battle.

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"Sherring" (in state library diary referred to as Sherring of Mosman) Possibly Harrie Webster Sherring of Heydon st. Mosman


Field Marshal William Riddell Birdwood