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March 1916

9 Thursday

Making bricks and building
ovens for cooks. Abt 40 new
men arrived from AMC details
Don't know what is to become
of them.

10 Friday

Big mail arrived. On water
fatigue for cook house. Took
4 horses down for water.
Heard that Snowy Wilcox & Stanton
are here

11 Saturday

Out for field work in morning
with waggons. Rain fell heavily
about dinner time preventing
cricket match with 8th Eng.
Raffle for Bill Capt North asked
me to go to Ismailia tomorrow

12 Sunday

Visited Ismailia saw Bill
Bailey. Troops now on the move
for France. Came back with Baker
W. O. of Camel Corps. Saw young
Lenehan on Ismailia station

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"Baker who lived opposite us in Holt Av. Mosman. He is a Serg. Major in the Camel Corps" from state library Allsop diary