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March 1916

16 Thursday

Warm. On Guard in morning
Paid in afternoon. Went to
Pictures at night. All soldiers
present making remarks in
Arabic. Walked off with niggers
chair. Crowd jeering at fight of [?]
who just [?]
Saw last 8 rounds of fight Neil v Dyer

17 Friday

Stretcher work using
waggons. A.M.C. comforts
given out. Cigarettes & Tobacco
& Billy Can. Royal Welsh Fus
camped near us. All invalids
They say they saw Aust. going on
way to France. Heard talk about
chap riding into shop in Cairo
on Donkey.

18 Saturday

Raining in showers. [? of
Cigarettes & tobacco. Horse
kicked in leg by another & had
to be shot. Cricket match V [?]
[?] Some of our chaps
came home with silks etc. (pinched)

19 Sunday

Carrying water. Met Bert

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Possibly Herbert Ambrose Newman - "I was surprised to meet Bert Newman from Mosman who is camped close to us with the Engineers" state library Allsop diary