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March 1916

20 Monday

Inoculated, Artillery
A. S. C. and numbers of
troops leaving Tel-el-Kebir
for France (presumably)
Military Canteen now open
[?] Graves mostly Scottish
on other side of line

21 Tuesday

All day off. Saw Aust. mail
going through to Cairo 4 Iron-
barred trucks. Met Ginger Smith
& Cullen (spring healed Jack)
of the Artillery. They left today
Helmets issued. Tunics & long
drill pants arrived. Artillery practice
Plum pudding aswell

22 Wednesday

Still off duty. Eventful day
Prince of Wales inspecting the
camp accompanied by Gen. Irvine
brother to our officer. Escort
chiefly Indians. After saluting
each regiment gave 3 cheers. Gas
helmets arrived. Mail Day.

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"Smith & Cullen, the latter is a son of our Chief Justice. They both live in Mosman and were at school with me." State library Allsop diary - Howard Cifford Cullen & John Roy Smith both bombardiers from Mosman and embarked Alexandria 21/3/1916


Link to photo of Edward VIII Prince of Wales during the war.