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March 1916

27 Monday

Dinner at Kassassin scene of old battle
Roused out at 4am. Started at 6am
in heavy fog and marched to Mehsamah
16 miles. Numbers dropped out. 14th
Brigade 5000, 15000 moving this week
Slept out but got little sleep.

28 Tuesday

Up at 4 am and
continued march at 6.30 bound
for Moascar 21 miles. This was a most
terrible day. Most of the going was
over sand and the weather fearfully
hot. Swim in pretty water hole when
least expected. From then on it was a
death struggle. Numbers dying & wailing
for water. In trying to help the poor
beggars by giving all our water and
carrying their heavy bundles we were
exhausted but finished with the few
hundred out of 5000. New Zealanders fine

29 Wednesday

Another hot day. slept out in desert
N.Z. brought us 4 dixies of tea last night
and sent their waggons out all night with
8 horses bringing in the men. Horses
had a frightful time yesterday.
Continuing the rest of our journey
NZ Battalions went out with water bottles.
Prince of Wales came to see us. Marched
through Ismailia to Ferry Post. Aeroplanes
flying overhead. Swim in Canal
Terribly hot day. Saw [Allworth?]

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