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April 1916

17 Monday

Beautiful Day. Swimming parade which
we converted to Ismailia trip. Rode in on Amb
waggons which were being returned to Ord.
Face to face with Prince when stepping
off punt. He was with Gen. Murray, holding
a thermos flask. Good look round Ismailia
including native quarter. Bought set of
post card views. Met [Spoggie?] Cameron W.O.
5th Div A.S.C. missed train. Rode home to
crossroads on limbers then from these
to our camp on LH. horses bareback.
Thrown off. Saw Prince on camel.

18 Tuesday

Water fatigue. Fine Day

19 Wednesday

Lovely Day
Making sand-bag pit in
morning. Route march
in afternoon. Playing
draughts at night. Shortages
of uniform to be made
good immediately on account
of our prospective early
departure for France

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