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a stroll. This is a fine district
about here, and the weather is
perfect. It would do me to be
left here for the duration.
20th Went down to Boscombe with
the nurses. 21st Left Boscombe to
go to Harefield arrived and put
in 14 Ward. 23rd Taken sick & put to
bed in 8 Ward. Had a rough time
for a few days. 30th Getting on well
now. Very little mail from home
lately. 3rd June. Still in bed.
7th Getting about again. 13th
Warned to leave tomorrow. 14th
Left in the morning for
[Hardcott?]. 15th Classified B1A1.
Going on leave next Thursday
20th Left Fovant 8-30. Arrived
in London 1p. Went to [Horseberrie?] Rd
and War Chest then to YMCA at
Waterloo Station. Went with
McCullie to the Criterion to see

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