Trustees Records, Vol. 7, 1886 (page 255)




Status: Complete


Oath of Secretary pro tem.
Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Suffolk. Ss. Boston, May 31, 1900.

Personally appeared Albert C. Dean and
made oath that he would faithfully and impartial-
ly discharge the duties of Secretary pro tempore of
the Proprietors of the Cemetery of Mount Auburn,
before me.

Jerome Jones

Justice of the Peace


June 12 Special Meeting
June 12, 1900.
A special meeting of the Board of Trustees
was held, as notfied, on Tuesday, June 12, 1900, at
2:30 o'clock, P.M.

Present. The President and Messrs, Foster, Jones,
Reynolds, Russell, Sawyer and Watson

The Records of the meeting of May 31 were read
and approved.

Regular Meet-ing dispensed with
Voted that the regular meeting of the Board
which was notified to be held on Wednesday,
June 13, be dispensed with.

Sale of Bank Stock authorized
Voted that the Committee on Finance be author-
ized to sell thirty (30) shares of the Atlas National
Bank, of Boston, twenty (20) shares of the Atlantic
National Bank, of Boston, Five thousand dollars
($5000) City of Boston Registered Six percent Bonds,
due April 1, 1903 and Five Thousand dollars ($5000)

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